Open Response Questionnaire

The Open Response Questionnaire is a tool used to gather formative feedback. It is ideal for use when the requirements for a SECaT or SETutor evaluation are not met (e.g., for guest lecturers, or if class size is less than 6). The Open Response Questionnaire consists of five (5) open ended questions – two (2) relating to the teaching, and three (3) relating to the course.

Unlike the SECaT and SETutor, completed Open Response Questionnaires are not processed by ITaLI or reported via formal mechanisms (UQ Reportal). Academics may use the completed Open Response Questionnaires for their own personal feedback.

The Open Response Questionnaire is available to download here

UQ Poll

This ITS supported tool enables users to obtain instant feedback from their students. In order to use this tool the teaching space must have suitable wireless coverage. Basic functionality includes:

  • Multiple choice questions with up to five possible answers;
  • Student rsponses can be displayed in a graph.

For more information please visit the UQ Poll section of the eLearning website.


ResponseWare is a virtual clickers solution that allows staff to include a variety of interactive question types in their lectures including multiple choice, multiple answer, and short answer questions. Students can respond with any web-enabled device including smart phones, tablets, and laptops. For more information please visit the ResponseWare section of the eLearning website.