• Literature review on students as partners: 65 emprirical works over a five year period analysed

    A Systematic Literature Review of Students as Partners in Higher Education

    An international group of 20 students and staff from 4 countries have spent a year reviewing empirical research articles on students as partners. A great project inspired by my Australian Learning & Teaching Fellowship, this first publication from a subset of the broader project team offers an overview of our findings from 65 articles published in a five-year period.

    Interesting lit review on student partnerships: Despite many benefits, most are small scale, extracurricular, undergrad-focused, unpaid - Mary C. Wright, Director of Brown University's Sheridan Center for Teaching & Learning in the USA

    The findings of the literature review were discussed across four themes:

    1. Reciprocity of partnership
    2. Making space for sharing the (equal) realities of partnership
    3. Engaging in partnership practices in higher education
    4. Toward inclusive, partnered learning communities in higher education 

    Nine implications for future partnership research and practice were offered - read them in the article.

  • Australian case studies of partnership in practice: 2015-2017 

    Short, practical case studies as examples of real students as partners practices are available here

  • International case studies of partnership in practice: Mick Healey hand-out on 'students as change agents'

    Mick Healey keeps an up to date reference list for works on students as change agents. The resource is available on this page of his website.

  • Higher Education Academy Report on Engagement through partnership: Students as partners in learning and teaching in higher education

    Healey, Flint and Harrington 2014 Higher Education Academy Report summarising research, practices and exisitng model for student-staff partnerships. It presents a new model for considering partnership practices with case studies. 

  • Higher Education Academy Practical Report: A guide to ethics and student engagement through partnership

    Carol Taylor 2015 Higher Education Academy Report discussing the ethical issues that are part of the everyday lived experience of partnership and student engagement. The guide covers some key ethical frameworks and includes a series of questions designed as ethical prompts to help those engaged in partnership consider how to enact ethics in their partnership work. The guide includes two diagnostic tools to promote discussion of ethics in partnership processes. 

  • HIgher Education Academy Practical Report: The impact of pedagogies of partnership on the student learning experience in UK higher education

    This report focuses on students as partners pedagogies, presenting findings and recommendations. Based on what student-staff partnerships look like in the classroom and fomally assessed curriculum, this report offers a look into practices. The context is Psychology. The report offers a measure for partnership that can be used in evaluating effectiveness of practices and gives insight into pedagogical approaches.