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Applications for the 2017 Reimagine Education Awards are open. The awards aim to acknowledge and reward those most successful in creating transformational educational initiatives, enhancing student learning outcomes and/or employability.

The Wharton-QS Stars Reimagine Education Awards & Conference is global competition and conference which encourages educators everywhere to spot problems that prevent optimal learning and/or pedagogical outcomes, and find creative, innovative solutions to these problems. By doing so – by reimagining the way education is conceived of and conducted – all participants have the chance to bring forth a vibrant, dynamic generation of highly educated, highly employable, highly motivated problem-solvers.

  • Project stage and criteria for assessment

    When applying for the Reimagine Education Awards 2017, you’ll be asked to fill in five sections explaining your project: (1) Project Objective, (2) Project Approach, (3) Project Engagement, (4) Project Impact/Project Results, and (5) Next Steps. Each of these sections will be analysed by the panel of judges, and graded based on their success in meeting certain criteria. The criteria are explained in detail in the 2017 Application Guide (refer to Documentation section below).

    However, the weight assigned to each of these sections will differ depending on the stage of development that the project has reached. This updated judging process has been developed to ensure that early-stage projects are judged on their own terms, rather than against well-established academic programs or global technology companies.

    Upon applying, you’ll be asked to assign your project to one of four pathways:

    1. Academic (Early-stage): This category will be inhabited, typically, by projects from K12 educators and academics in the higher education space. It will be inhabited by projects still at the research-proposal (pre-publication) stage, or that have not yet received research funding.
    2. Academic (Mature): This category will be inhabited, again, by projects from the K12 and higher education space. It will feature projects that have received research funding, enjoyed publication and citation, or have been successfully implemented into schools.
    3. Venture (Early-stage): This category will be inhabited by applicants from ed tech companies, education startups, social enterprises, and education foundations. However, these applicants will not own companies that have undergone an IPO, received above a certain amount of revenue or funding, or achieved late-stage project development milestones.
    4. Venture (Mature): This category will be inhabited by applicants from large, developed ed tech companies, established education foundations, and leading social enterprises. It will be inhabited by projects with a large, established user base, extended growth achieved, and high levels of revenue and funding.
  • Award Categories

    The Reimagine Education Awards have 15 award categories. You can view examples of previously successful award applicants in each category on the Reimagine Education Awards website:

    A summary of each award category, taken from the 2017 Application Guide, is included below:

    1. E-Learning Innovation
      This prize will be given to the best electronic learning project. We seek any innovative new technological tool, or any project that uses existing electronic learning tools in an innovative way. Such projects should facilitate and support learning through the use of information and communications technology.
    2. Hybrid Learning Innovation
      For this category, we seek the best project that unifies web-based learning delivery and traditional learning practices. How can you and your team improve learning outcomes in a way that foregrounds the learning team (educator and present students), while also leveraging web-based internet resources?
    3. Presence Learning Innovation
      Reimagine Education is keen to emphasise that reimagining education involves more than devising ingenious technological solutions to problems. Presence learning is also in need of reimagining, reliant as it is on centuries-old teaching methods. How can you and your team reimagine presence-based pedagogies, and improve learning outcomes in traditional learning environments?
    4. Teaching Delivery Award
      This prize will be awarded to the project that demonstrates a link between an innovative approach to delivering course content and clear improvements in learning outcomes and/or student satisfaction. Can you and your team invoke new and/or existing educational theory to reimagine the way content is delivered? This may involve reimagining e-learning delivery, reimagining presence learning delivery, or both. Outcomes in traditional learning environments?
    5. Nurturing Employability Award
      This prize will be awarded to the project that can clearly demonstrate a link between their project’s approach and improved employability outcomes. What traits and/or skills do you find employers to be lacking in their hires, and how does your project help its users to enhance these traits and/or skills? Can your project help employers to better identify the traits and/or skills they desire in their graduate student hires?
    6. Sustainability Award
      This award will go to the most innovative approach for encouraging and teaching the principles and best practises of sustainable development. This might involve economic, environmental and/or social sustainability.
    7. Ethical Leadership Award
      This award will be given to the best pedagogy encouraging the leadership qualities of the students it reaches, while also encouraging them to exercise these leadership qualities.
    8. ICT Tools for Teaching & Learning Award
      This prize will be awarded to the company/institution that creates the most innovative Information Technology tool, and uses this tool to improve the educational experience of teachers, students, or both.
    9. ICT Support & Services Award
      This prize will be awarded to the company/institution that creates the best Information Technology tool that enhances the supportive framework upon which outstanding teaching and/or learning is constructed. For example, efficient IT interfaces are necessary for a successful feedback loop between teacher and learner, while comprehensive resource databases that can be consulted out of the classroom encourage independent thinking and learning.
    10. Educational App Award
      This prize will be awarded to the project that creates the most innovative, accessible, usable app, and that can demonstrate a clear link between use of the app and improved learning outcomes.
    11. Digital Content Award
      This prize will be awarded to the project that, either on a web or mobile learning platform, creates the most compelling, detailed, informative digital content, with an interface and medium designed to support learners everywhere. The winning project will be able to demonstrate a clear correlation, if not causal link, between use of this content and improved learning/employability outcomes.
    12. Learning Assessment Award
      Here, we are keen for projects to explore the deficiencies in the way we currently assess how much our students have learned, and how deeply they have understood what they have learned. How can you and your team create a project that reimagines the way we assess a student’s grasp of course content/key skills?
    13. Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality
      Approximately one month before last year’s Reimagine Education Awards closed for 2016, Pokémon Go was released to the world, bringing the potential of Augmented Reality technologies to a mass audience. If Augmented Reality and its theoretical sibling, Virtual Reality, are to prove of true value, however, they must prove to have applicability in multiple sectors. We seek projects that harness these emerging technologies to improve teaching delivery, enhance employability outcomes, and leverage quality learning.
    14. K12 Award
      Reimagine Education has grown significantly since its inception, and one direction of that growth is towards the K12 sector. This award will be given to the project doing most to improve teaching, learning, or employability at the K12 level.
    15. MBA and Executive Education Award
      This prize will be given to the project that most successfully improves learning outcomes, teaching delivery, and/or employability outcomes for those undertaking an MBA, or another form of Executive education.

    Regional and Discipline Awards

    The Reimagine Education Awards will also acknowledge the most innovative projects by region and discipline in the form of awards for the best projects from five regions and seven disciplines. The Reimagine Education Awards automatically enter your project one of these awards based on the country of origin of the project’s main institution/ company or the discipline it focuses on.

  • How to apply

    Step one: Familiarise yourself with the 2017 Application Guide (refer to the Documentation section below).

    Step two: Register your intent to apply for a Reimagine Education Award here by Friday 9 June, 2017.

    Step three: Prepare your award application using the Application Template (refer to the Documentation section below).

    Step four: Submit your completed draft award application to by Monday 26 June, 2017.

    Step five: ITaLI will coordinate a peer review of your draft application and provide feedback by Monday 3 July, 2017.

    Step six: Submit your final award application to by Monday 17 July, 2017.

    Step seven: ITaLI will coordinate the internal sign-off process with the Office of the DVCA and submit the application via the online portal by 31 July 2017.

    Please note: Faculties / schools / divisions / units are responsible for developing their award application/s. ITaLI will coordinate a peer review of the application and provide feedback to guide final application development. ITaLI will also coordinate the internal sign-off process and submit the application.
  • Key dates




    Applicant registers intent to apply for a Reimagine Education Award here


    Friday 9 June, 2017

    Draft application due to ITaLI via


    Monday 26 June, 2017

    Peer review of draft application conducted and feedback provided to applicant


    Monday 3 July, 2017

    Final application due to ITaLI via


    Monday 17 July,  2017

    Compliance check against Reimagine Education Award administrative requirements


    Tuesday 18 July, 2017

    Final application submitted to the ODVCA for endorsement


    Wednesday 19 July, 2017

    ODVCA review and sign off on application


    Friday 28 July, 2017

    Final application, endorsed by the ODVCA, submitted via online portal


    By 12noon Monday 31 July, 2017

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