How do I get support from the Learning Analytics team?

If you would like to get support from the Learning Analytics team, please complete the online request form accessed from the button below. A team member will contact you, either via email or phone, within 5 working days after you have submitted your request.

Your request will be prioritised based on the following criteria:

  1. Alignment to the strategic goals
  1. Impact of the outcomes
  • To what extent will outcomes of the project/task enhance the learning, teaching or student experience at UQ (for both prospective and current students)?
  1. Potential risks
  • To what extent will key stakeholders of the project/task be exposed to a risk or affected if the requested support is not offered, or not offered within the specified timeline?
  1. Potential leverage
  • To what extent will the project/task be leveraged or add value to other initiatives at UQ?
  1. Time and human resources
  • What is the estimated time and human resources required?

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