Contract cheating is causing considerable concern across the education sector. This workshop shares some recent findings from two large student and staff surveys conducted across several institutions in Australia. It uses the findings from these surveys to equip academic staff with new approaches and strategies to detect and deter contract cheating. It concentrates on what assessment design can and can’t achieve for us and supports academic staff in designing learning activities with their students to raise awareness about the problem. ​​


At the completion of this masterclass, participants will be able to identify the specific challenges that contract cheating presents to them in their professional context. They will also be able to explain the difference between detection and deterrence and why both are important. They will also be able to design learning activities that support constructive conversations with students about contract cheating as a deterrence strategy.  


The event will be held on Tuesday, May 1 2018, 2-3 pm. To register for the event, please click here


Associate Professor Cath Ellis is the Associate Dean (Education) in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at UNSW, Sydney. Previously she worked at the University of Huddersfield in West Yorkshire, UK and the University of Wollongong in Australia. While her background is in Australian and Postcolonial Literature, her current research is in the area of academic integrity with a particular interest in contract cheating. 



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