With evidence accumulating about how learning occurs in the brain and mind, the question remains, how can this evidence be incorporated into teaching practice? One of the great difficulties in making sense of and using evidence to inform teaching is how to turn principles derived from research into actions in an educational context. Design thinking provides a structured means of translating research-informed principles into practice. In this masterclass, a design approach to evidence-based practice will be provided. Following an introduction to a framework for incorporating evidence from the science of learning into practice, participants will be given an opportunity to consider how the growing evidence about how learning occurs in the brain and mind might help to enhance student learning in their own classes. Practical examples of how design thinking has been used to translate evidence for innovative, blended delivery in higher education will be provided.


At the completion of this masterclass, participants will have learned of a framework to adopt and apply in practice, and receive practical examples relevant to blended delivery.


The event will be held on Thursday 12 July 2018, 1- 2pm. To register for the event, please click here.


Associate Professor Jason Lodge is Deputy Director of Teaching and Learning in the School of Education and a principal research fellow in the Science of Learning Research Centre, University of Queensland. Jason’s research focusses on the cognitive and emotional factors that influence learning and behaviour and on how research findings from the learning sciences can be better used to enhance design for learning, teaching practice and the use of educational technologies. He co-produces and co-hosts the Beyond the Lectern podcast and is lead editor on the forthcoming book Learning Analytics in the Classroom: Translating Learning Analytics Research for Teachers (Routledge, 2019). 




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