Outcome: Upon completion of this masterclass you will be able to apply the principles and techniques necessary for the production of a simple, short video for use in your teaching.

Presenter: Dr John Harrison teaches journalism and professional communication in the School of Communication and Arts at the University of Queensland and is a former television and radio producer at the ABC. He is also a member of the UQ College of Peer Observers.


ITaLI's Teaching Masterclass Series

ITaLI's Teaching Masterclass Series is a venue for inspirational and successful teachers to share effective approaches and best practices for teaching. The aim of the series is to assist attendees in learning tangible, practical skills that help them build on their existing expertise to excel in teaching for 21st-century students. To find out more about ITaLI's Teaching Masterclass series or to express your interest in presenting a masterclass, please visit http://itali.uq.edu.au/teaching-masterclasses or email Dr Hassan Khosravi at h.khosravi@uq.edu.au