This talk will present a question-based, peer-review problem set system and discuss some thoughts on how a computerized homework system change the way we do problem sets and grading based on the data that has been collected so far.

I will start by explaining the theory behind question-based, peer-review and then give a step-by-step tutorial on how to use this right now for your class at UQ (the system is live and fully operational).

Platypus supports a variety of courses from ENGG1200 (~800 students) to ELEC3004 (~250 students) to MECH4480 (50 students). It is available freely (open-source) for anyone to use.



 Dr Surya Singh is a Senior Lecturer (Assistant Professor) at UQ and heads the Robotics Design Lab. His research interests lie in the design and control of compliant systems in dynamic (field) environments. Of particular interest are projects with humanitarian or social goals that advance the aim of democraizing robotics.

Surya has received multiple teaching commendations and is a former Fulbright Scholar. He was previously a research fellow at the Australian Centre for Field Robotics where he led modeling and control efforts. He has spent time at Tokyo Institute of Technology (NSF EAPSI) contributing to Gryphon (a demining aid). He has studied at Carnegie Mellon (MS) and Stanford(PhD) where he worked on KOLT (a dynamic quadrupedal robot).




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