The UQ Students as Partners (SaP) Community of Practice (CoP) creates space for staff and students to explore, share, and improve partnership practices together to positively transform teaching, learning, and the student/staff experience.

Meetings for 2017 are all done - stay tuned for 2018 meeting schedule!


  • Aims

    In UQ SaP CoP, we:

    • Share experiences, advice, and resources about SaP
    • Support each other to undertake and enhance student-staff partnerships
    • Network and foster collaboration between community members
    • Influence SaP policy and practice at UQ
  • Values

    In UQ SaP CoP, we value:

  • Activities

    We come together every 1.5 months via informal meetings that involve in a variety of activities:

    • discussing our partnership practices  
    • exploring case studies of practice within and beyond UQ
    • discussing relevant SaP literature
    • learning through facilitated workshops

    Every meeting creates space for sharing practices and networking in a supportive environment that fosters collaboration and builds capacity to influence SaP practices across UQ. 

  • Members

    The UQ SaP CoP is open to all UQ students (undergraduate or postgraduate) and staff (academic or professional) interested in enhancing their partnership practices. Current members come from a range of disciplines, degree programs, and organisational units including:

    • all Faculties
    • Student Services
    • Institute for Teaching and Leanring Innovation (ITaLI)

    Members of staff and the student body coming together is vital for, and unique to, this CoP - it is a space for learning about SaP through SaP!

  • Benefits

    Some of the benefits of participating in this community are:

    • Gain knowledge and skills that contribute to your career development (e.g. interpersonal skills, active listening, public speaking, presentation skills, ability to partner and collaborative effectively with others).
    • Network and engage with committed and passionate UQ staff and students.
    • Influence the future of SaP policies and practices within UQ.
  • Co-creating the community 

    This SaP CoP was co-developed through partnership in June-July 2017 by:

    • Fadia Khouri, Master of Educational Studies, international student, and 2017 ITaLI Winter Scholar
    • Yvonne Oberhollenzer, Project Manager (Student Strategy) in ITaLI
    • Kelly Matthews, Senior Lecturer in ITaLI

    The partnership was made possible through funding from the Office for Learning and Teaching Fellowship Scheme, and the UQ Student Employability Centre.

    Partnership process to co-design a UQ SaP CoP

    The setting up of the UQ SaP CoP involved the co-design between staff and student via the UQ Winter Research Program (UQ Student Employability Centre, 2017).The development of the partnership included the agreements on the project deliverables, timeframe, and initial activities in ways that suited all partners. The expectations and personal goals were also shared to better support each other in their fulfilment. Reflection was also a key aspect of the process; it enabled an ongoing enhancement of the partnership and the recognition of the personal and mutual achieved outcomes. Regarding the co-design of the CoP, UQ SaP key stakeholders, staff and students that have knowledge on SaP or CoP, and external experts in SaP and/or student engagement were involved in the consultation process through brainstorming sessions, interviews, and online enquiry forms. This allowed a better understanding of the interests, needs, expectations, and potential challenges of the UQ SaP CoP.

    Read the full report: Co-designing a Community of Practice for Students as Partners in Partnership 


  • Meetings: Notes & Resources 

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