The Teaching@UQ project aimed to prepare academic staff new to UQ for teaching and learning through an institution-wide technology-enhanced professional development program.

The program is grounded in good practices that define quality hybrid learning environments, but that can be contextualised within faculties to ensure relevance. It also sought to foster social teaching networks among new academics.

The project, funded by the Technology-Enhanced Learning scheme, was completed in 2017 by a cross institutional project team (PDF, 107KB) led by Professor Julie Duck.

Teaching@UQ is now one of ITaLI's flagship professional development programs. To learn more or to enrol, visit the Teaching@UQ program page.

Project aims

  1. Create an evidence-based, technology-enabled, hybrid learning professional development program to prepare new staff for teaching at UQ.
  2. Design, develop and implement this program in collaborative partnership between faculties and ITaLI, ensuring contextualisation, buy-in and sustainability.


Dominic McGrath, Learning Design Team Leader, ITaLI