​Case Studies of real practices and approaches for engaging students as partners

2017 case studies with reflections on practice

Published in Learning and Teaching Together in Higher Education

  1. Students and Staff as Partners in Australian Higher Education: Introducing Our Stories of Partnership, Kelly Matthews, UQ
  2. Students as Partners in Negotiated Assessment in a Teacher Education Course, Sue Monsen, Sarah Cook, and Lauren Hannant, UQ
  3. Students as Co-creators of an Online Learning Resource, Chris Browne, Yash Vyas, Arlene Mendoza, Anthony Sindermann, Brock Holland, and Ellen Lynch, ANU
  4. Partnering to Investigate Employability and Retention in the Humanities and Social Sciences, Yvonne Oberhollenzer and Sarah Brady, UQ
  5. In Conversation Together: Student Ambassadors for Cultural Competence, Amani Bell, Tai Peseta, Stephanie Barahona, Suji Jeong, Longen Lan, Rosemary Menzies, Tracy Trieu, and Ann Wen, University of Sydney
  6. Co-operative Staff-Student Research in Public Speaking in Higher Education, Christopher Cunningham, Murdoch
  7. Planting the Seed of a Staff-Student Partnership Research Project, Darci Taylor and Sophie Quick, Deakin
  8. Idealism, Conflict, Leadership, and Labels: Reflections on Co-facilitation as Partnership Practice, Lucy Mercer-Mapstone, Lucie Sam Dvorakova, Lauren J. Groenendijk, and Kelly E. Matthews, UQ
  9. Learners Without Borders: Tales from the Trails of Navigating Transitions from Student Partners to Staff Partners – While Retaining Students as Partners, Beverley B. Miles and Ronika K. Power, Macquarie

2017 case studies

  1. Students as partners in 'CampusFlora' app development for biology courses, Rosanne Quinnell, Sydney University
  2. Partnering students as mentors to support students with disabilities, Sybilla Wilson, UQ
  3. Student teaching consultant for the flipped classroom, Fiona Lewis, UQ
  4. Students as partner curators: Sharing Haswell's educational legacy & the University's scientific heritage, Haswell Digitisation Team, Sydney University
  5. Students as partners UQ pilot projects: 11 semester-long institutional projects, UQ

2016 case studies

  1. Students as partners in course delivery and assessment in Engineering, Lydia Kavanagh UQ
  2. Students as partners for active and collaborative learning in undergraduate business courses, Leela Cejnar UNSW
  3. Students as partners in building a culture of philanthropy, Lara Pickering, UQ
  4. Students as partners with alumni, Lara Pickering, UQ
  5. Students as partners in assessment in Economics: for students by students, Carl Sherwood, UQ

2015 case studies from the National Students as Partners Roundtable 

The 2015 National "Students as Partners" Roundtable generated 20 case studies of partnership work. These include case studies on

  1. Student-academic course design groups
  2. Students “set the assessment” in dentistry
  3. Students as partners on science teaching & learning grants
  4. Students as co-inquirers in scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) collaborative writing groups
  5. Student-staff partnerships in nursing industry placements

View them all here.

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