• Overview

    The fellowship, with students as partners as its centerpiece, will harness student and staff creativity to transform teaching and learning via student-staff collaborative partnerships. Examples and practices of students as partners from a range of disciplines and Australian institutions will be explored.

  • Issue and Approach

    The identified issue of my fellowship is the gap between what is intended by academics versus what is experienced by students in relation to broad university learning outcomes. This fellowship will address this issue by spotlighting the beneficial roles of students as partners in teaching and learning.

  • Guiding Questions
    1. What are current students as partners approaches?
    2. What views do students and academics hold on the potential of students as partners?
    3. How does participation in students as partners activities influence students’ views of learning and academics’ teaching practices?

    Questions are explored across disciplines in Australia with an emphasis on piloting student-staff partnership projects at UQ. 

  • Aims

    The fellowship activities will highlight and outline the benefits of students as partners for both students and staff by addressing the following aims:

    • Raising the profile of students as partners in the higher education community and questioning the assumed position of students as passive consumers of their educational outcomes;
    • Gaining insight into students as partners activities nationally and at UQ, and into the views of both students and academics on the transformative potential of student-academic partnerships;
    • Building the capacity of academics and students to partner on matters of teaching and learning; and
    • Fostering links among national scholars in students as partners research and practice, connecting scholars internationally, and building this network to include an active membership of students.
  • Activities
    • Establish an Australian community of scholars with international ties
    • Map students as partners activities across Australia
    • Pilot student-academic partnership activities at UQ
    • Develop guiding principles and case studies
    • Facilitate workshops and roundtables 
  • Outputs

    At the completion of the fellowship, there will be four key deliverables.

    • A national community of scholars on students as partners linked into international networks with hub website 
    • National profile for students as partners linked to inter/national societies and sustainable activities 
    • Local impact on UQ policy to further students as partners as a mindset and in practice
    • Case studies of students as partners mapped to Higher Education Academy framework with specific UQ-piloted cases