Transforming Practice Program in 2016: Students as Partners

The Transforming Practice Programme (TPP) is funded by the Australian Office for Learning and Teaching, and is based on the success of the Thematic Change Programmes run by the Higher Education Academy (HEA) in the UK. The TPP involves participating institutions: identifying small teams of relevant staff, across all levels of the organisation plus a student representative; who then work collaboratively to solve a problem or implement a plan for change, in a particular area of activity. These teams are then facilitated to work with teams from other institutions, thus sharing expertise and solutions, as well as encouraging ongoing cross-institutional collaboration. The 2016 TPP follows on from the success of the 2014 TPP on Teaching Reward and Recognition

Student Engagement: Students as Partners is the theme of the 2016 TPP designed to support institutions to enhance and refine processes, policies, strategies and infrastructure for student-staff partnerships that enhance teaching and learning. It will build the expertise from the recently completed Healey et al., Higher Education Academy Students as Partners FrameworkIt will also actively promote the sharing of other relevant international research and development related to students as partnersThe 2016 TPP will run over the course of approximately 10 months, during which time there are a variety of events, support meetings and resources provided to teams. The major events include:

At the beginning of the programme, each team will be allocated a team supporter who can be contacted by the team for advice and support. The supporters also make an effort to catch-up with the team leaders every 4-6 weeks to keep abreast of the initiative. At the completion of the TPP, teams submit a report (see 2014 reports here)

The 2016 TPP is led by Patrick Crookes with support from Fabienne Else in collaboration with Kelly Matthews' Australian Learning and Teaching Fellowship. UQ is hosting all the TPP events involving 11 Australian universities. Supporters for the 2016 TPP teams include Patrick Crookes, Dominique Parrish, and Kelly Matthews

Details of 2016 TPP events are here