Students as Partners Pilot Projects at UQ

In 2017 the UQ piloted 11 partnership projects to expand the implementation of Students as Partners across UQ in new and innovative ways. These pilots, funded through and managed by the UQ Student Strategy Team, engaged 29 students and 22 staff working together as partners across a range of projects.

Case Studies of the 11 Pilot Projects 

2017 Pilot Projects by name:

Pilot 1- Incentivising and rewarding student-staff partnership at UQ

Pilot 2 - Audit of student engagement on UQ teaching and learning-related committees

Pilot 3 - Designing the teaching consultancy stream of the UQ Students as Partners program

Pilot 4 - Students as Partners Community of Practice

Pilot 5 - Creating resources to support student participation on committees

Pilot 6 - Creating a communications strategy for UQ Students as Partners

Pilot 7 - Communicating the UQ Student Strategy

Pilot 8 - Co-creation and evaluation of FutureLearn materials in COMU1120

Pilot 9 - Evaluation of Students as Partners pilots

Pilot 10 - Explicitly embedding communication skills in a compulsory 1st year science course

Pilot 11 - UQ Students as Partners program design