To help staff write their own questions for the Check-in survey, a bank of optional questions categorised into groups is available below. Each category includes scale and open-comment questions.

Types of questions

Scale questions are designed so that students respond by selecting one of 5 options, which are:

5= "Strongly Agree" | 4= "Agree" | 3= "Neutral" | 2= "Disagree" | 1= "Strongly Disagree"

Open-comment questions allow students to write free text with up to 8,000 characters.

Download instructions for adding optional questions to the Check-in survey (PDF, 302KB).

Questions Bank


Scale questions

  • This teacher related the concepts of the course to practical examples.
  • This teacher utilised class time appropriately.
  • This teacher was open-minded and considered points of view other than their own.

Open-comment questions

  • Please comment on ways this teacher may communicate content to maximise understanding.
  • How can this teacher encourage higher lecture attendance?


Scale questions

  • I am taking advantage of opportunities to learn in this course.
  • The flipped classroom activities/resources are useful to my learning. 
  • My contributions to the group work in this course is helping me to learn.
  • Group work is helping to develop my collaboration skills.
  • I learn a lot by reviewing recorded lectures.

Open-comment questions

  • Please comment on why you do attend face-to-face lectures.
  • Please comment on why you do not attend face-to-face lectures.
  • Please comment on whether you think the face-to-face and online lectures/learning materials are suitable?


Scale questions

  • The content of this course is relevant to professional employment in the field.
  • This course incorporated study of current content (e.g. up-to-date texts, research, issues, software).
  • The connection between this course and others I have studied is clear to me.
  • The content of this course was an appropriate level of difficulty.
  • Theory and practice were carefully inter-related in this course.

Open-comment questions

  • Please share suggestions on how the content or activities for this course could be improved.
  • What additional topics would you like to see included in the course content?


Scale questions

  • The assessment tasks in this course were appropriate given the course aims.
  • Assessments gave me an opportunity to demonstrate my knowledge.
  • Assessments gave me an opportunity to heighten my understanding.
  • The assessment tasks were appropriately paced over the semester.

Open-comment questions

  • Please comment on whether you understood assessment requirements. 
  • Please comment on whether you understood how to achieve a good mark.
  • Did your assessment grades fairly reflect your input/expectations? Please comment.


Scale questions

  • My teachers have commented on my work in ways that have helped me to learn.
  • Feedback has been provided to me in different formats throughout this course (e.g. in class, within discussion forums, on assessment pieces).
  • I have learned from feedback provided.

Open-comment questions

  • Please comment on other ways that you might like feedback provided to you.
  • Please comment on the quality of feedback provided, and how it may be improved.

Learning support and resources

Scale questions

  • The Blackboard site for this course is well structured/organised.
  • I know how to ask for help in this course (e.g. consultation hours, PASS, discussion boards). 
  • I feel comfortable approaching staff in this course for assistance with my studies.
  • The online learning activities and resources in this course facilitated my learning.

Open-comment questions

  • Please comment on other resources that you believe will be helpful for your learning in this course.
  • How else would you like to be supported to achieve the goals and aims of this course?

COVID-19 Course

  • Helpful adjustments were made to the course in response to the crisis.  
  • The course team were responsive to my COVID-19 situation.
  • I was provided prompt information related to changes made to the course in response to the crisis.
  • The course team provided useful online tools or materials.
  • Zoom was a useful tool for online classes or consultations.
  • I received helpful automated, group, or personal feedback on how I was going in the course.
  • Online support from the course team helped me to learn a lot in this course.

COVID-19 Teaching

  • … was available for consultations (email, online, telephone or face-to-face).
  • … encouraged students to engage with online tools or materials.
  • … used the online environment to support my learning.
  • … communicated (via email, online, telephone or face-to-face) with students with respect.
  • … was able to adapt classes or tutorials in response to course changes caused by the crisis.
  • … treated students with respect while online or when face-to-face.