About Small group teaching

Presented by ITaLI Learning Designer Peter Rutherford.

Small group teaching spans from small group activities within a lecture/ practical/ tutorial to a course designed for group work and group assessment.

This workshop will discuss examples of pair and group activities that can be used to increase activity and student interaction as well as implementing formative and summative group assessment.

This course will enable participants to:

  • Develop group activities to increase activity and student interaction
  • Identify the strengths and limitations of group tasks for both formative and summative purposes
  • Identify ways in which students can be supported in developing group skills and working effectively as a group 
  • Discuss planning considerations when introducing self and peer assessment.

As part of Professional Learning at UQ, ITaLI have developed additional resources to support our workshops. These resources are self-paced and have been designed to encourage participant learning, and provide opportunities for further development in the workshop topic.

To access the Professional Learning site, simply:

1. Open this hyperlink or copy and paste http://bit.ly/italiprolearning into your browser
2. Sign in using your UQ Single Sign-On
3. Click Submit
4. Choose a topic from the menu on the left.


Online (via Zoom)