This year's National Students as Partners Roundtable will be an online event hosted by the 21C Student Curriculum Partners at Western Sydney University, NSW Australia, from 23–25 November 2021.

Submit your partnership case study

The theme this year will be The Partnership Paradox.

Click on the video announcement to learn how you can be part of it.

The invitation is now open for both students and staff to submit a Partnership Case Study, and to share their partnership practice with a national and international student-staff partnership community. It’s open to students, academics, researchers, professional and technical staff in tertiary and university settings to submit their initiative. They are interested in student-staff partnership initiatives that focus on:

  1. learning, teaching, curriculum and assessment
  2. engaging students in research, or as researchers
  3. co-curriculum activities and programs for student engagement
  4. students’ participation in academic governance
  5. academic and educational development
  6. conceptual and theoretical challenges to student-staff partnership.

One thing they ask – is that you aim to foreground a paradox for conversation. 

Partnership case studies submissions close Friday 1 October 2021.

About this event

Shepherded by A/Prof Kelly Matthews at The University of Queensland, the National Students as Partners Roundtable is an  annual event that brings members of the Students as Partners Network together to:

  • Share Students as Partners practices, ideas and experiences;
  • Discover new ways of considering Students as Partners in higher education;
  • Network with a diversity of Students as Partners practitioners; and
  • Harness the creativity of staff and students to address teaching and learning challenges.

For more information and to register, please visit the event website, or email

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