The TeachingPlus@UQ program provides professional learning opportunities for the University's future teaching and learning leaders.

A graduate of TeachingPlus@UQ has experience in designing, implementing and evaluating a Teaching and Learning (T&L) project.

Through this experience, the graduate develops into a reflective practitioner, becomes conversant with the higher education landscape, and develops a network of T&L connections. The graduate improves their teaching practice, and becomes an emerging leader in T&L at UQ.

The TeachingPlus@UQ program:

  • Builds on the Teaching@UQ program
  • Engages academics in applied research that:
    • directly impacts student learning
    • develops leadership capacity
  • Extends the application of reflective practice in T&L
  • Provides an opportunity for accreditation as a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Program benefits

As a graduate of TeachingPlus@UQ, you will gain experience in identifying, designing, implementing and evaluating projects designed to enhance student learning.

This experience, coupled with a network of Teaching and Learning (T&L) connections across the University that you will establish, will position you well to lead further T&L innovation at UQ.

There will also be an opportunity for you to engage with the Higher Education Academy accreditation scheme and begin working towards Senior Fellowship.

Tasks and commitment

As a participant in the program, we expect that you:

  • Complete online activities
  • Attend workshops
  • Participate in group meetings to review and discuss your T&L project
  • Design, implement, evaluate, and disseminate a T&L innovation project
  • Present findings via a conference and a brief project report.