The following discussion papers and reports provide further reading about issues and trends relating to teaching and learning in higher education.

Discussion papers and reports

Literature-evidence base: Employability (June 2019) (PDF, 543KB)

Literature-evidence base: Entrepreneurship (June 2019) (PDF, 133KB)

Literature-evidence base for UQ2U (June 2019) (PDF, 268KB)

Literature-evidence base: Learning Analytics (June 2019) (PDF, 223KB)

Literature-evidence base: Students as Partners (June 2019) (PDF, 615KB)

Writing Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Articles for Peer-Reviewed Journals (PDF, 5MB)

Authentic assessment at The University of Queensland: a scoping paper (November 2018) (PDF, 404KB)

The higher education landscape: trends and implications (May 2018) (PDF, 263KB)

Designing Rubrics for better assessment (September 2017) (PDF, 305KB)

Teaching research methods (September 2017) (PDF, 1.2MB)

Interim report of the TELSC Working Party: best practice guidelines for online learning delivery at UQ (April 2017) (PDF, 5.5MB) (PDF, 5.5 MB) 

Continuing professional learning framework: proposed professional learning pathways for UQ educators (April 2017) (PDF, 676KB) 

Student surveys of teaching and learning quality (updated January 2017) (PDF, 229KB)

Consistency and comparability of grading outcomes at UQ (August 2016) (PDF, 1MB)

Addressing student dishonesty in assessment (July 2016) (PDF, 715KB)

Entrepreneurship and innovation: the state of play at UQ (February 2016) (PDF, 1.1KB)

Future trends in teaching and learning in higher education (November 2015) (PDF, 840KB)

Questions about: lecture recording (August 2015) (PDF, 807KB)

Experiential learning: an overview (March 2015) (PDF, 804KB)

Personalised learning: an overview (March 2015) (PDF, 1.1MB)

Review of university activities that support the student experience (March 2015) (PDF, 764KB)

Evaluation reports

Student surveys of teaching and learning quality - Paper (April 2016) (PDF, 211KB)

SECaT response rates report (Semester 2, 2014) (PDF, 464KB)

‘Have Your Say’ all student survey report (Semester 1, 2014) (PDF, 488KB)