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Recent procedural changes

Learn.UQ (Blackboard) Welcome page

The Welcome Page in Learn.UQ (Blackboard) has been updated to provide a more modern and intuitive navigation for all UQ staff and students. There are no changes to the look and functionality of teaching course sites.

Changes to assessment procedures

Since Semester 2 2022, changes to the assessment procedures have been introduced:

More details and updated procedures are available on the Academic Board PPL change SharePoint site.

Supporting medical documentation

The relaxation of the requirement of supporting medical documentation concluded in Semester 1 2022 and is no longer in place.

Modes of enrolments

UQ continues to offer two modes of course enrolment: internal and external. Schools and faculties are responsible for determining the appropriate modes for each course.

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Promoting belonging, inclusion and interaction

Think about how you will create a sense of belonging and engagement in your course. Student Experience Survey data and other feedback from students indicate that while many students’ sense of belonging at UQ has improved since 2020, still many students don’t feel they belong here. You might like to consider some of the approaches on the Creating a sense of belonging page

The direct impact of COVID-19 on students is reducing. However, we need to continue to be mindful of the impact of disruption to study and life more broadly over the last 3 years. Acknowledge the impact of the pandemic, the changes to teaching and learning and call on everyone to exercise empathy and understanding.

While our courses have changed, students’ experiences and expectations for attendance, support and assessment have diversified. Being explicit about your expectations and providing space for students to share their expectations enables you to address mismatches early and help students to engage successfully in their studies. See the Managing your course page for further guidance.

Explain what equity and equality mean in your course. Do this to address concerns and beliefs some students might have about standards and quality in the course (i.e. perceptions of advantage or disadvantage amongst students). See Inclusive practice for more information on equity, diversity and accessibility.

The Reconciliation at UQ site provides resources that can help you enact our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) and learn more through the Core Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Learning.

It is important to look after your wellbeing and support your colleagues where you can, UQ’s staff wellness programs and resources are available to help you.

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Supporting students

Consider incorporating guidance for students about keeping COVID-safe on-campus and student support available in your classes, Learn.UQ course site, and/or communications. The UQ community COVID-19 advice page is up-to-date with FAQs and supporting resources for staff in relation to all aspects of campus health and safety. 

Some students continue to be under significant stress due to COVID-19, Student Services has developed a guide for supporting distressed students.

Students are significantly less likely to have issues and need support or deferred exams when they have experience using a digital examination platform.

We recommend all courses offering an online exam provide a low stakes (or if not feasible, practice-only) exam that is as close to the final model of the exam as possible. The low stakes exam will support students in learning how to use the exam tools, provide a valuable learning experience, and help identify technical or design issues that may need to be fixed before the exam. Guidance for students on the successful completion of an online exam (DOCX, 61.3 KB) can be adapted to support your students through these processes.

Student Services help students identify adjustments for their studies in accordance with the PPL 3.50.06 Reasonable adjustments policy. It is important students request adjustments early to give themselves the best chance to succeed. The Student Advice team has created a slide you can use in your classes to encourage students to request adjustments early.

The Library will provide support to students during exams through AskUs (phone, email and chat support) and before exams with the Preparing for online exam success guides. The Library has tips for students on:

Please register your examination via the online assessment schedule if you are running an online school-based mid-semester exam to ensure staff are available if your students require help during the exam.

Learn.UQ exams – student preparation
Guidance for students on the successful completion of an online exam (DOCX, 61.3 KB)

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Online final exam options

In 2021, a description of an examination was added to the PPL 3.10.11 Examinations:

Typically, an examination is any assessment item worth more than 10% that occurs for a student at a specified time, with a working time of less than or equal to three hours. Assessment items that do not meet this description but are to be treated as an examination will be identified in the Electronic Course Profile (ECP).

All school-based online examinations should be registered in the online assessment schedule to enable central teams to optimise systems and support for students undertaking these examinations.

Central scheduling of assessment tasks in the examinations period minimises overlapping tasks for students. 

Assessment held in the final examinations period are required to be scheduled if they are:

  • Examinations (maximum of 3-hour duration) – central and school-based
  • Assessments (duration greater than 3 hours but less than or equal to 48 hours) – non-invigilated, school-based take-home assignments.

Assessments longer than 3 hours, examinations of a practical nature (e.g. lab work, orals, video, or examinations where students require access to equipment) or invigilated by Zoom must be school-based.

Note: AskUs Exam Support may not be available for the full duration of assessments, where tasks are undertaken outside the hours these services are staffed.


Learn.UQ Exams
Learn.UQ examination settings Semester 2 2022 (Summer Semester update will be released after the Semester 2 examination period)
Learn.UQ examination preparation and delivery guide

Semester 2 Exam information sheets (Summer Semester information sheets will be released in December)
Exam information sheet for Zoom invigilated exams (DOCX, 92.9 KB)
Exam information sheet for Learn.UQ invigilated exams
Exam information sheet for Learn.UQ non-invigilated exams (DOCX, 91.8 KB)
Inspera Exam information sheet for on-campus invigilated exams (DOCX, 88.5 KB)
Inspera Exam information sheet for online non-invigilated exams (DOCX, 91.5 KB)
Inspera Exam information sheet for online Zoom invigilated exams (DOCX, 91.4 KB)

Other resources
Example final exams communications plan (DOCX, 75.8 KB)
Exam communication resources (PPTX, 1.2 MB)
ProctorU exam communication resources (PPTX, 1.9 MB)

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Online invigilated exams

UQ has partnered with ProctorU to support Learn.UQ invigilated exams. Decisions about which exams will be offered in this manner will be made in collaboration between the DVC(A) portfolio and faculties.

You can direct students to the ProctorU FAQs page if they have any questions.

Online Zoom Invigilated Examinations Guide (PDF, 339.5 KB)
Learn.UQ examinations – preparation and delivery guide
A guide to ProctorU for Academic Integrity Officers (PDF, 194.2 KB)
Exam information sheet for Zoom invigilated exams (DOCX, 92.9 KB)
Exam information sheet for Learn.UQ invigilated exams (DOCX, 90.2 KB)

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