• What is the Open Course Scheme?

    The Open Course Scheme (OCS) is a way to encourage more people to see and share the excellent teaching happening at UQ.

    A selection of UQ courses will be made "open" each semester, and UQ staff will be invited to observe classes that are part of these courses.

    To make sure a course is not overly crowded and that observations happen during appropriate classes, we ask that interested observers book a place through this website.

  • What sort of courses are being opened?

    We open courses of every size, style and description.

  • Where are they?

    We hope to open courses on every campus at UQ.

  • Can I see any courses online?

    You can visit other courses online too. UQ's policy of allowing other staff guest access can give you a view into the online presence of the courses at UQ.

    More information about visiting UQ courses online is available on the elearning website.

    PPL 6.40.02 Guest access in Blackboard

  • How many courses are there?
  • When are the courses open?

    Courses are open during teaching semesters. Depending on the course and semester, we have classes you can visit from week two to week thirteen.

  • How are they chosen?

    Courses can be identified and nominated by anyone at UQ. A team from ITaLI will discuss what is involved with having an open course with the course team. To be included in the scheme, courses must be good examples of their type, interesting and well-maintained.

  • I know an amazing course that should be open...

    Please email us itali@uq.edu.au

  • How is the Open Courses Scheme run?

    ITaLI administers the Open Course Scheme. We would love your feedback.

    When we receive more nominations for open courses than we can manage in a semester, we for an ad hoc advisory panel of Teaching and Learning leaders at UQ to help select courses.

  • What is involved in having an open course in this scheme?

    Initially you will meet with someone from ITaLI, who will talk about your course and the scheme. They will then draft a description of your class. This description will specify how your course will open (when, where and how may observers you are happy to receive) and your course description. We will also talk about what questions will be asked of observers and if you would like any changes to the default questions.

    During the semester, ITaLI will manage all inquiries, bookings and feedback. If you make any changes to the availability of your course, please let us know itali@uq.edu.au as soon as possible so we can notify observers. You will receive collated feedback throughout the semester.

  • Who can visit open courses?

    We hope that any UQ staff member interested in what is happening with teaching and learning at UQ finds observing a course at UQ interesting and informative. We have.

  • Is course visiting expensive?

    No. We ask visitors to complete a short questionnaire about their experience: we ask about two aspects of the class you visited which you think may be valuable to implement in your courses and for some feedback to improve the scheme.

  • What can I gain from visiting courses?

    The greatest knowledge and inspiration comes from seeing the work of other teachers and being able to talk to them. Whether you are a novice or an expert, course visiting is the best way to get new design ideas, discover new pedagogies and rediscover old favourites.

  • How do I find the courses?

    We maintain a list of open courses on this website.