Indigenising curriculum

UQ is committed to embedding Indigenous knowledges and perspectives into our curriculum.

We're taking a university-wide approach to integrating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander curriculum and inclusive teaching practices into programs across all faculties, as outlined in UQ's Reconciliation Action Plan.

Developing culturally aware graduates

Our Graduate Attributes state that students graduate UQ as culturally aware citizens. By Indigenising the curriculum, we're ensuring our graduates have an understanding of, and respect for, Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and global Indigenous peoples’ values, cultures and knowledge. 

Read the Implementation Plan (PDF, 743.2 KB)

Read the Consultation Green Paper (PDF, 1.9 MB)

Collaborate with other academics who are integrating Indigenous perspectives into their programs.
Materials and resources developed across UQ to help you Indigenise your curriculum.
Learn about the working party's goals and achievements.