The Open Course Scheme (OCS) provides an opportunity for staff to visit classrooms to observe the great teaching happening at UQ.

In Semester 2 2023, the scheme will feature a mix of on-campus and online teaching, as well as some great examples of hybrid teaching.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the benefits of attending an open course?

We hope that any UQ staff member interested in teaching and learning will find observing a course to be an interesting, informative and valuable experience.

Whether you are a novice or an expert, watching someone else teach is a great way to get new ideas, see pedagogies (that you may have only heard or read about) being implemented, rediscover old favourites or find comfort in your own teaching achievements.

Participants in the programs Teaching@UQ (for new academics and academics new to UQ) and Graduate Teaching Associates also visit classes as part of their learning experience.

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How does the scheme work?

There are usually 20 or more courses to choose from each semester. Most courses are open for the entire semester, but each course coordinator determines their own class availability.

Course selection

Courses can be nominated by anyone at UQ. Many of the open courses we have featured have been recommended to ITaLI, some have been self-nominated, and others have come to our attention through the awards process. To be included in the scheme, courses must be a good example of their type, interesting and well-maintained.

If you are an academic who would like to open your course to visitors or recommend another academic’s course, please send an email to

Scheme administration

ITaLI administers the Open Course Scheme. The ITaLI website informs visitors which courses are open each semester, and directs users to a booking form to arrange their visit.

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How do I attend an open course?

See the list of courses for Sem 2 2023 and book your spot

To attend an open course, first select the class you wish to visit, then click the booking link provided. You will be directed to a form to complete the booking process.

Once your booking is confirmed, you will receive an email confirmation and will need to add this session to your calendar. A similar confirmation is sent to the host academic so they know when to expect you. If you are unable to attend the class you have booked, please email to cancel your booking.

If the class you are attending is run on Zoom: your email confirmation will have either the Zoom link for the class you plan to attend, or the course coordinator’s email address for you to email them to ask for the Zoom link.

Please take the time to complete the OCS survey (2 minutes on average) to tell us what you valued from your visit and give us feedback on the administration of the scheme. The survey link can be found in your email confirmation.

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How can I gain access to Learn.UQ (Blackboard) courses?

UQ staff can use 'Guest Access' to view the online presence of courses at the University.

Information about visiting a course Blackboard site is available on the eLearning website.

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How do I open my course to a visitor?

When a visitor books to attend your open course, you will receive an email letting you know who is coming and when. Some host academics like to encourage visitors to participate in the class, and some visitors may wish to talk to you afterwards about the teaching and learning they have seen.

During the semester, ITaLI will manage all inquiries, bookings and feedback. If you make any changes to the availability of your course in any semester, please let us know via as soon as possible. You will be sent any feedback we receive about your class at the end of the semester.

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Open courses for Sem 2 2023

Want to learn from your peers and see how they adapted to online teaching and assessment? There are over 20 courses to choose from.