UQ has partnered with Times Higher Education (THE) on a new initiative, THE Campus, which presents opportunities for colleagues across UQ to publish advice resources to a global community of higher education professionals.

What is THE Campus?

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THE Campus is a knowledge sharing and peer-to-peer support platform providing quality, curated resources from academics around the world.

THE Campus – based in the UK – was created as a response to the global pandemic and the need for more peer-to-peer support when it comes to online teaching and learning and digital delivery.

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  1. An opportunity to publish content (articles or videos) via a world-leading higher ed website receiving nearly three million unique visitors a month, as well as UQ eSpace.
  2. Promotion of your content via THE networks including regular newsletters (20,000+ contacts) and social channels.
  3. Invitation to participate in webinars and podcasts.
  4. Access to a global community of experts where you can comment on and rate resources, bookmark articles and build your network.
  5. Access to a space where you can showcase your innovative work and gain recognition.


Besides specific calls for Spotlights and other series, THE Campus editorial team welcomes content on:

  • Course design
  • Quality teaching and learning
  • Student experience
  • Early career research
  • Leadership and management
  • Equity, diversity and inclusion
  • Impact and sustainability
  • Internationalisation.

Upcoming Spotlights

Disability and learning/campus life

  Deadline for content: Monday 13 February 2023

  • How to support students/staff with disability
  • What does inclusion mean for faculty/students with disability?
  • Campus facilities that make a difference
  • What universities get wrong in disability inclusion policy
  • How to foster diverse leadership
  • Disclosure: pros and cons
  • How to ensure support services are adequate
  • How to build specialised support services
  • Making sure that disability is included in EDI efforts
  • How to ensure digital/online courses benefit students with disabilities.

Redesigning the university campus

  Deadline for content: Monday 27 February 2023

  • Re-assigning university estates for new forms of teaching and learning, public engagement, reduced emissions or online learning spaces
  • How to repurpose the lecture theatre
  • How to ensure facilities are/remain fit for purpose
  • How much space does a university need?
  • More faculty and administrators are working from home: what can be done with office space?
  • Small changes that make your campus greener
  • What is the future of the virtual campus?
  • Are sports complexes, libraries and other campus facilities still a draw for students?
  • Solutions to improve student housing
  • How to design university buildings with belonging and connection in mind
  • How should campuses change to accommodate online/digital education?

Effective pedagogies that work

  Deadline for content: Monday 13 March 2023

  • Active learning
  • Peer-to-peer learning
  • Breaking down what works in-person v online
  • Flipped classroom
  • Student-centred learning design
  • Making learning fun and interesting
  • How to spice up the lecture
  • How to scaffold learning
  • How to develop a broad tool belt to respond to different students’ needs
  • How to feedback effectively
  • Productive failure
  • Experiential pedagogies
  • How to teach for different class sizes
  • Asynchronous / synchronous
  • Co-creation


Submissions are accepted as short videos, texts with a short video introduction, or longer form text pieces that are no more than 800 words.

Please read THE Campus resource guide (PDF, 149.3 KB) before you submit any content. Your content should be crafted as an advice resource. THE Campus is not looking for opinion pieces, news features, project case studies or promotional pieces.

In addition, if you wish to submit a video, please read THE Campus video resource guide (PDF, 140.1 KB).

How to submit content

  1. After reading the above guidelines, please email your content to THE Campus at UQ editorial team at uqthecampus@uq.edu.au to start the internal review process.
    • Note: for Spotlights, we operate on tight deadlines and are unable to provide any extension (please see ‘Upcoming Spotlights’) above for deadlines.
  2. Once received, we will review your content. Depending on its editorial merit, we will forward the piece to THE Campus team in the UK. If accepted, we will help you curate the content if necessary.
  3. Once you (and the UK-based editorial team) are happy with a resource, it will be published within a month of finalisation. All content submitted by UQ will appear on this page once published. Please note that we cannot offer any guarantee that your content will be published once submitted.

THE Campus at UQ team

THE Campus at UQ team will help you curate your submission before sending it out to THE Campus editorial team in the UK.

NameUQ Org UnitRole
Lynette DawsonInstitute for Teaching and Learning InnovationInitiative Lead
Professor Paul MillsSchool of Veterinary ScienceEditorial Lead
Professor Karen HealySchool of Nursing, Midwifery and Social WorkEditorial Lead
Associate Professor Deanne GannawayInstitute for Teaching and Learning InnovationAdvisor


For all enquiries regarding THE Campus at UQ, please email uqthecampus@uq.edu.au.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


For all enquiries regarding THE Campus at UQ, please email: