Advancing teaching

ITaLI advances teaching via the creation of new knowledge and applies the latest evidence to guide UQ-wide frameworks, programs and policies for learning, teaching, curriculum, the student experience and professional development of UQ teachers.

We enrich your capabilities and improve the learning experience of students through our contemporary and comprehensive professional learning curriculum. We recognise your ongoing commitment to learning and innovation and promote teaching quality through regular evaluations and recognition/funding opportunities.


Professional learning programs • Workshops and short courses • Peer learning and support • Teaching Expertise Framework (TEF) • Evidencing teaching innovation
UQ teaching awards • National teaching awards • Higher Education Academy Fellowships • UQ teaching grants • External teaching grants
Academic Quality Assurance (AQA) process • Student Evaluation of Course and Teacher (SECaT) • Student Evaluation of Tutor (SETutor) • Interim-class student feedback • External surveys
Educational research themes • Research outputs • Research supervision
ITaLI led teaching and learning initiatives • Past initiatives • Teaching Innovations Grants projects