Digital learning

ITaLI partners with faculties and schools, as well as other organisational units to “deliver high quality blended learning through a digital uplift program (involving both systems and capabilities)”– UQ Operational Plan on a Page, 2021.

Digital learning transformation requires improvements to our technology, changes to our teaching practices, new models of scheduled and on-demand support and better use of data. It also requires that the UQ community systematically discovers, selects and pilots platforms and applications that enable student success.


250+ staff guides on eLearning systems and tools • Learn.UQ (Blackboard) • Course content tools • Assessment tools • Video and audio tools • Active and collaborative learning tools • Grades management tools
Digital Learning Uplift initiative • UQx online courses (MOOCs) • Educational media production services
Course Insights (UQ's learning analytics dashboard) • RiPPLE (UQ's educational tool that transforms learning experiences)
Current pilots across UQ to trial new eLearning systems and tools • Microsoft Teams for teaching and learning • Ed Discussion board
(UQ staff login required) Current initiatives: Digital Teaching Minimum Standards • Digital Teaching Best Practices
Current roadmap including three horizons of work • Build the capability of our staff • Implementation of learning technologies