Ready to Teach Week
8–12 July 2024


Semester 2 2024 program (PDF, 68 KB)

Ready to Teach (R2T) Week is a program of activities designed to help you prepare course materials for the upcoming semester.

  8–12 July 2024


ITaLI Communications and Events

Opening event: What's working - the student edition

8 July 2024 10:00am11:00am
Hear students talk directly to their positive experiences of learning and teaching at UQ.

What's new in eLearning?

8 July 2024 11:00am12:00pm
Hear about the new functions and capabilities within a range of eLearning systems and tools.

Managing difficult conversations in your class

8 July 2024 1:00pm2:30pm
Prepare yourself and students for engaging in challenging conversations in this interactive session.

Upskill your students

8 July 2024 2:30pm3:00pm
Learn about the diverse support options available to students, and how to help your students achieve academic success.

Inclusive teaching and accessibility plans

8 July 2024 3:00pm4:30pm
Explore cases of student accessibility plans, how you can respond, and ways to enhance your courses for all students.

Learn.UQ basics

9 July 2024 10:00am12:00pm
Develop knowledge, skills and confidence in using Learn.UQ (Blackboard), UQ's learning management system.

Getting ready to teach

9 July 2024 1:00pm2:00pm
This online workshop is aimed at those new to teaching at UQ, and will help you set up a few key items for effective course management.

Library awesomeness

9 July 2024 2:30pm3:00pm
Learn about new Library resources, including Talis Aspire.

An update on UQ's academic integrity work

9 July 2024 3:00pm4:30pm
Learn about the evolving landscape of Generative AI at UQ, and its influence on prevention, detection and investigation of student misconduct.

Filming educational media with your phone

10 July 2024 9:30am10:30am
Feel empowered to make your own quality videos for students who can't attend face-to-face classes.


Crafting visuals for educational videos in PowerPoint

9 February 2024 2:00pm3:00pm
Led by an experienced visual designer, this session will give you the skills and tools to produce clear and helpful graphics for your slide decks.

Generative AI updates and tips

9 February 2024 1:00pm2:00pm
This session will provide a speedy update on the world of Generative AI and explore a range of approaches you can use in your teaching.

Buddycheck eLearning Workshop

9 February 2024 10:00am12:00pm
This course will introduce participants to Buddycheck – a tool used for group peer evaluations where students rate each other’s contributions to a group project. 

Reading lists and Library tools for Indigenising curriculum

8 February 2024 3:00pm4:00pm
In this session participants will learn how to create an engaging course reading list using Talis Aspir

Editing educational media in Adobe Premiere

8 February 2024 1:30pm2:30pm
This hands-on course will help you bring your teaching videos to life through efficient post production.

Turnitin eLearning Workshop

8 February 2024 11:00am1:00pm
In this workshop, participants will be guided through the process of creating a Turnitin assignment, the student assignment submission process and setting up rubrics.

Navigating AI and assessments with students

8 February 2024 10:00am11:00am
The session explores integrating Generative AI in education, focusing on engaging students, ethical AI use, setting expectations, guiding responsible AI exploration, and fostering a positive assessment culture.

Integrity Officers update

7 February 2024 2:30pm4:00pm
UQ session covers misconduct prevention, detection, and Academic Integrity Action Plan outcomes, exploring cheating identification, responsibility chains, with case studies, training, resources and discussion.

Setting up for a successful semester

7 February 2024 1:00pm2:30pm
UQ's workshop prepares new instructors on using ECP, Learn.UQ, communication, and student expectation management for effective course administration.

Filming educational media with your phone

7 February 2024 11:00am12:00pm
This workshop runs via Zoom and will empower you to make your own quality videos for students.  

Active learning with EchoPoll: eLearning Workshop

7 February 2024 10:00am12:00pm
This session will introduce participants to the new tool EchoPoll and how it is utilised in teaching.


6 February 2024 3:00pm4:00pm
Celebrate academic failure for creative learning! Join Dr Knaggs and Dr Zaphir to share your assessment mishaps and discover how embracing failure fosters innovation in education.

Upskill your students

6 February 2024 2:30pm3:00pm
This session will introduce and highlight the resources provided to all students by Learning Advisers (Student Services). It will introduce the student voice to show how the variety of services we offer can assist and inspire all types of students.

Managing difficult conversations in your class

6 February 2024 1:00pm2:00pm
Explore evidence-based strategies for fostering a safe and open classroom environment when navigating challenging discussions.

Drop in session

6 February 2024 12:00pm12:30pm
This session will provide an opportunity to ask any questions of learning designers as you prepare for teaching this semester

Aligned by design: planning student activity and feedback

6 February 2024 10:00am11:30am
Join representatives from HaBs Learning Design Team and ITaLI's Digital Assessment Team for "Aligned by Design." This workshop focuses on providing effective feedback and implementing moderation.

Learn.UQ Basic: eLearning Workshop

5 February 2024 2:00pm4:00pm
This session will help participants to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to use Learn.UQ (Blackboard), UQ’s learning management system.

What’s new in eLearning

5 February 2024 1:00pm2:00pm
This session will include an overview of new functions and capabilities within a range of eLearning systems

Making a difference from week 1: applying UDL

5 February 2024 11:00am12:30pm
This session will cover practical steps, inclusive classroom strategies, support and resources that we can use to help more students engage in learning.

Helping students see the outcomes: panel discussion

5 February 2024 10:00am11:00am
Join our opening session as we uncover the significance of Graduate Attributes and employability within teaching and assessment. Explore strategies to illuminate these outcomes for students.

Integrity Officer’s update

14 July 2023 1:00pm2:30pm
This interactive session will include short presentations updating participants about prevention, detection, and investigation of student misconduct at UQ. Supportive case studies, training and resources will be included and there will be time for group discussion and questions.

Buddycheck (group member evaluation)

14 July 2023 10:00am12:00pm
This course will introduce participants to Buddycheck

Reimagine your reading list

13 July 2023 2:30pm3:30pm
In this session participants will learn how to create an engaging course reading list using Talis Aspire.

Crucible campus moments: debrief

13 July 2023 12:00pm12:30pm
This session will follow the scavenger hunt that participants should have hopefully completed during Ready to Teach Week. Participants will engage in an informal discussion to reflect on the experience. The scavenger hunt instructions will be shared with staff throughout the week.