Deanne Gannaway is a higher education curriculum thought leader and curriculum transformation expert with twenty years of experience in Australian universities. Her teaching and scholarship focus on continuing professional learning for university teachers and professional education for students. She is currently the Academic Lead of the Professional Learning and Reward and Recognition portfolios in ITaLI; course coordinator for PHSS2000 (an innovative WIL course for students in humanities, social science and arts at UQ) and the program coordinator for the HEA@UQ program.

She works closely with UQ teachers to enhance curriculum, assessment and the student experience. Her interest in enabling and recognising innovative teaching is illustrated in her work with teaching and learning awards and grants, and introduction of HEA Fellowships to UQ.  Deanne is internationally recognised for her work on the Bachelor of Arts curriculum and the transfer of innovation and practice in professional learning of university educators. Since 2008, she has contributed to 23 competitively funded or commissioned projects, representing $1.5 million research investment, 14 of which as chief investigator, including a National Teaching Fellowship.

Her research and experience have led to collaboration with discipline-based staff to implement strategic, evidence-based and innovative projects that influence policy and practice institutionally, nationally and internationally.