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What is a SETutor?

SETutor evaluations for Semester 1, 2017 will open on Monday 08 May, 2017 and close on Saturday 27 May, 2017 at 11:59pm. If you require an earlier opening date you need to inform evaluations@uq.edu.au at least one week prior to the desired opening date.

The Student Evaluation of Tutor (SETutor) evaluation supplements the SECaT evaluation, and provides students the opportunity to provide feedback on their experience of tutoring. The SETutor evaluation is designed to be used in courses where students’ learning is supplemented by small group learning, usually led by an individual who is called a tutor or lab demonstrator. All SETutor evaluations are conducted online via QR Codes or through direct emails to students. 

The SETutor evaluation consists of eight (8) quantitative and two (2) qualitative items regarding the quality of tutoring, as follows:

  1. …was well prepared.
  2. …communicated clearly.
  3. …was approachable.
  4. …inspired me to learn.
  5. …encouraged student input.
  6. …treated students with respect.
  7. …gave helpful advice and feedback.
  8. Overall, how would you rate this tutor?
  9. What would you have liked this tutor to have done differently?
  10. What aspects of this tutor’s approach to teaching best helped your learning?

How do I get a SETutor?

SETutor surveys are requested by Schools for their Tutors and may be administered via QR Codes or as direct emails to students. Schools will decide which system the School prefers to use for their Tutors.   

SETutor surveys may be administered for tutorials groups with more than five (5) students enrolled. If a tutorial group has fewer than 5 students, you may like to consider using the paper-based Open Response Questionnaire

What type of orders can be placed by the School on my behalf?

1. I teach a single tutorial in a single course:
The School can order one (1) tutorial evaluation.

2. I teach multiple tutorials:

a. And I want them evaluated separately (separate reports):
The School can order separate evaluations for each tutorial group. The outcomes from each evaluation will be reported as separate PDFs. This option then allows you to request the data be merged into a single report if there are fewer than five (5) responses per tutorial evaluation.
b. And I want them evaluated together (single report):
The School can order one (1) SETutor for you which can be for a single course or across multiple courses. The School will need to ensure that the 'Number of students' ordered is sufficent accross all tutorial groups. For example, if you teach two (2) tutorial groups each with ten (10) students, then the total number of students should be 20. This option does not allow you to merge the outcomes into a single report as there will only be one report.

When do I need to order by?

Schools will place orders on their Tutors' behalf for Semester 1, 2017 by Monday 24 April, 2017 or earlier. 

What will I receive?

If your School has chosen to conduct SETutor surveys by QR codes, during the week commencing Monday 02 May, 2017 (a week before the surveys open), you will receive an email for each survey ordered for you by your School. The email/s will contain QR Codes. You will need to print the codes and distribute the codes to your students in the relevant tutorial/class. You can choose to cut the codes or simply pass the printed sheet around the class for students to scan then cross out.

Each QR code is a unique password to a SETutor evaluation and cannot be used more than once. In order to complete an online SETutor evaluation, students can either scan the QR code using a smart phone or tablet or go to the website indicated on the QR code and enter the password listed. Click here to view an example set of QR codes. The example QR codes are only intended to give tutors an idea of what they look like. If you attempt to use one of the QR codes that has already been used you will receive an error message.

If your School has ordered direct email SETutor surveys, students will receive an email invitation on Monday 08 May, 2017. You will only need to allow students time in class to complete their surveys. Students will also be able to access their surveys via the "Have your say" block within Blackboard.

When and how do I get my SETutor results?

SETutor results are released every Semester after the finalisation of results. SETutor reports will be emailed to tutors in electronic format (.pdf). Please ensure that you provide a valid email address to your School. Click here if you would like to view an example SETutor report. If fewer than five (5) responses are received a quantitative report will not be generated but you will still receive any qualitative feedback provided by students.

Who gets the report?

  • Individual tutors - SETutor reports are sent to individual tutors via email.
  • Course Coordinator(s) - SETutor reports can be made available to the Course Coordinator(s) on request.
  • Head of School - SETutor summary reports will be sent to all Heads of Schools. Raw data will be sent on request.
  • Chair of Teaching and Learning Committee - SETutor reports can be made available to the Chair of Teaching and Learning Committee on request (with approval from the Head of School).

SETutor student anonymity

The SETutor survey is designed to be anonymous (there is no way for the University to trace who completed the surveys) rather than confidential (student information can be traced for legal puposes only; current requirement for the SECaTs). This is because there is no reporting requirement for the University to track the outcomes of this survey. For this reason, SETutor evaluations are optional and the outcomes are sent only to tutors for them to use as required.

The current SETutor process assures student anonymity through the random generation of access passwords (either by QR codes or email) which can only be used once and are discarded after completion (electronic records of passwords are not retained by the evaluation system). Therefore, student completion of SETutor surveys cannot be traced by the University back to an individual student.

However, students are still required to comply with the policy 3.60.04 Student Integrity and Misconduct when providing feedback via the SETutor evaluation.

In instances where students have provided feedback which is in breach of the Student Integrity and Misconduct policy, tutors may request that the breaching comment be removed from the SETutor results.

SETutor response comment removal

When a response has been identified by UQ staff to have breached the University's policy 3.60.04 Student Integrity and Misconduct or Duty of Care responsibilities to students and staff as part of the Queensland Work Health and Safety Act 2011, as previously outlined under the heading SETutor student anonymity, staff may request the removal of comments from publication (accessible format within SETutor survey reports).

To request a comment removal, please follow the process below:

  1. Email evaluations@uq.edu.au to request that the comment be removed from the published dataset. Include the following information:
    • Tutor's name, semester, and year.
    • An exact copy of the entire comment to be removed. We can only remove the entire comment and not parts of a comment.
    • List your reasoning for the removal request. For example, "The comment provided includes profanities and has no constructive intent to improve the quality of teaching and learning at UQ."
  2. Once the request has been received in written form, we will action the request promptly by producing a new report for the tutor.

Please note that the comment is not deleted. It will be archived for legal purposes.

Examples and resources

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