Students as Partners is about harnessing student and staff creativity via collaborative partnerships to enhance teaching and learning.  

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Good Practice in Partnership: 5 Propositions Published!

2018 International Students as Partners Institute: Registration opens 1 Nov 2017!

International Journal for Students as Partners: 

Issue 2 Published  

Supporting UQ partnership: UQ community of practice meetings scheduled!

International Journal for Students as Partners: 

Issue 1 Published  

Australian Stories of Partnership Special Issue:

8 Essays Now Published

Australian Students as Partners Network:  

Update 8 Available Now

Students & Staff as Teaching & Learning Co-Authors:

Special Section Now Published

Students with Disabilities as Partners:

New Case Study Available Now

Convergence of Partnership + Global Learning:

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Kelly Matthews

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What is 'students as partners'? Why does it matter? 

Kelly Matthews, Lucy Mercer-Mapstone & Sam Dvorakova talk about engaging as partners


How can student-staff partnerships transform the university learning experience? (Kelly Matthews, Australian Learning & Teaching Fellow)


We cannot radically reimagine the student experience without forging an active partnership between students and teaching staff. (NUS, 2014)


… it should be the norm, not the exception, that students are engaged as co-partners and co-designers in all university and department learning and teaching initiatives, strategies and practices. (Healey, 2012)