Students as partners in teaching and learning is gaining traction across the Australian higher education sector - Kelly Matthews' work through her Australian Learning and Teaching Fellowship has been a driving force in this growing movement. She partners with students, leads the Australian Students as Partners Network, collects case studies of partnership practices, contributes research on partnership, facilitates workshops to support the growth of genuine learning partnerships, and guides the vision for the students as partners theme in the UQ Student Strategy (2016-2020).

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2018 International Students as Partners Institute: 

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New Research on Partnership Conducted in Partnership Published:

Conceptions of Students as Partners

International Journal for Students as Partners: 

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Australian Students as Partners Network:  

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Students with Disabilities as Partners:

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What is students as partners? Why does it matter? 

Kelly Matthews, Lucy Mercer-Mapstone & Sam Dvorakova talk about engaging as partners


How can student-staff partnerships transform the university learning experience? (Kelly Matthews, Australian Learning & Teaching Fellow)


We cannot radically reimagine the student experience without forging an active partnership between students and teaching staff. (NUS, 2014)


… it should be the norm, not the exception, that students are engaged as co-partners and co-designers in all university and department learning and teaching initiatives, strategies and practices. (Healey, 2012)