The ITaLI Teaching Masterclass Series is a venue for inspirational and successful teachers to share effective approaches and best practices for teaching. The aim of the series is to assist attendees in learning tangible, practical skills that help them build on their existing expertise to excel in teaching for 21st-century students.  If you have any suggestions or feedback on how we can improve the series, please contact us using this feedback form or email the coordinator of series, Dr Hassan Khosravi, at

Expression of Interest: Please fill out this form to nominate your desired topic and date for presentation. We hope to have masterclasses on topics that would appeal and help a broad range of attendees and that align with the UQ Student Strategy. Presenters are, however, more than welcome to choose any topic related to teaching and learning.

Upcoming Teaching Masterclasses 

Title of Masterclass
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Wednesday 3 October, 2-3pm

Dr Catherine Bovill, University of Edinburgh

Students as Partners in assessment and feedback

Masterclass webpage


Past Teaching Masterclasses 

Date Presenter Title of Masterclass Additional Information

Thursday 9 August, 11am-12 pm

Dr Louise McCuaigA/Prof Sean TweedyA/Prof Timothy Carroll

Students as Partners in Action: a scalable mentorship framework to enhance students’ employability and transition to university.

Masterclass webpage

Thursday 12 July, 1-2pm

Associate Professor Jason Lodge

From learning lab to the classroom: Evidence-informed design for learning

Masterclass webpage

Monday 28 May 2018, 2-3pm Professor Keith Topping Developing Thinking Capacity Rather Than Focusing on Curriculum: The role of philosophy for University Students Masterclass webpage
Tuesday, May 1 2018, 2-3 pm Associate Professor Cath Ellis Contract Cheating Awareness Raising Masterclass webpage
Friday, March 2 2018, 1-2 pm Prof Mark Horswill and A/Prof Marcus Watson

How to Ramp Up Performance, Retention, and Attendance in Your Courses

Masterclass webpage

Thursday, November 30 2017, 9-10am

Professor Dragan Gasevic Valid and clear! Towards maximising impact of learning analytics Masterclass webpage
Friday, November 3 2017, 1-2pm A/Professor Bronwyn Lea  7 Time-Saving Hacks to Streamline Course Coordination Masterclass webpage
Friday, October 6 2017, 1-2pm Dr Sharon Darlington and Dr Louise Green Case-based Learning - Improving Student Engagement through Connecting Early Learning with Graduate Contexts Masterclass webpage
Friday, September 1 2017, 1-2pm Dr Surya Singh Peer-Review Easily with “Confidence”: A Look at Replication and Randomization as tools for Statistically-Significant Assessment via Platypus  Masterclass webpage
Friday, August 4 2017, 1-2pm A/Professor Jonathan Westover  Engaging Millennial Students Through Community-Engaged Experiential Learning  Masterclass webpage
Friday, June 2 2017, 1-2pm A/Professor Susan Rowland Integrating an Authentic Large-scale Undergraduate Research Experience into Your Course Masterclass webpage
Friday, May 5 2017, 1-2pm A/Professor Roslyn Petelin  Teaching Writing Masterclass webpage
Friday, April 7 2017, 1-2pm Dr John Harrison Making Short and Sweet Videos for Use in the Classroom  Masterclass webpage
Friday, March 3 2017 Mr Peter Ellerton  The Pedagogy of Critical Thinking: Teaching for Thinking to Enhance Learning  Masterclass webpage