The annual Students as Partners Roundtable event brings together members of the Students as Partners Network.

2024 Global Students as Partners Roundtable

The 2024 Global SaP Roundtable will take place between 9-17 September.

This year, we are celebrating 10 years of the Roundtable and imagining the next 10 years!

There will be 3 online sessions reflecting on this year's theme of inspiration, action and aspiration. Each session will be held twice to allow for time differences and global connections. Registration is free and will open 1 August.

  • Session 1, 9-10 September: a conversation with leading SaP scholars on what inspires them.
  • Session 2, 11-12 September: share a case study, research or paradox with peers (submissions close 30 June).
  • Session 3, 16-17 September: a dialogue on the next 10 years for SaP.

Read more about each session by clicking through the session tabs

For those new to SaP, the goal of the annual Roundtable is to encourage members to:

  • share practices, ideas and experiences
  • discover new ways of thinking, engaging in, and reflecting on students-as-partners practices
  • network with a diversity of practitioners and scholars, and 
  • harness the creativity of staff and students to advance teaching and learning.

Unsure what 'students as partners' means? Watch the introductory video.

What's new in 2024

In 2024 we're expanding and introducing new opportunities:

  • Engaging across continents and time zones through a series of online sessions.
  • Contributing to the scholarly legacy through co-authored publications in the International Journal for Students as Partners through the unique and innovative Voices in the Field genre.
  • Contributing to 2024 Students as Partners Roundtable proceedings, and expanding your submission into a full case study, research article, reflective essay, or opinion piece for publication in the International Journal for Students as Partners.

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Online sessions

Theme: Inspiration

The people and practices that have inspired us to engage in partnership practices and research over the past decade, propelling us to this current momentum.

About the session

Provocations and dialogue with leading SaP scholars and practitioners that invites everyone to challenge how our inspirations carry us into the future. The session is 2 hours.

Time and registration

Sessions are hosted in Sydney. The 2 sessions are the same, and repeated to accommodate time zones.

Registrations for this session will open 1 August 2024.

This is your opportunity to present. Submit a case study, abstract or paradox by 30 June 2024.

Theme: Actions

The current practices, research, and activities implemented to bring the partnership to life in our diverse higher education institutions.

About the session

You run this session! Attendees are invited to submit one of the following:

  • a case study of your practice to share
  • a research abstract sharing your scholarship and theorisations
  • a paradox presenting challenges, complexities or nuances animating your thinking about partnership.

You don't need to make a submission to attend this session — all are welcome to participate. The session is 2 hours.

Time and registration

Each session will have different presenters, who have selected the session in their time zone. Participants in Europe and Africa are encouraged to check both sessions to determine which time suits them best.

Registrations for this session will open 1 August 2024.

How to submit an item for this session

Submissions from students (all levels, disciplines and backgrounds), faculty/academics, professional and administrative staff, librarians, and third space staff (all roles, disciplines and backgrounds) from tertiary institutions worldwide are welcome.

Submit a case study, partnership practice paradox or research abstract

Key dates
  • 15 April: submissions open
  • 30 June: submissions due
  • 28 July: decisions to authors
  • 31 August: session timetable released, including descriptions
Submission/presenting information
  • Each presenter should only upload one submission.
  • We aim to accommodate all submissions relevant to the topic of SaP. Our team of reviewers will offer developmental guidance to strengthen submissions.
  • There will be 2 sessions to accommodate global time zones. The author/s will present in one session. When authors submit their final revised submissions, they will indicate their session (time zone) preference on either 11 or 12 September, depending on their time zone.
  • All submissions will be included in the 2024 SaP Roundtable Proceedings.
  • Authors eager to expand their submissions into an International Journal for Students as Partners (IJSaP) publication can do so. IJSaP full submissions are due by 30 November 2024 and will progress through the standard IJSaP review process.
Submission types and templates
Case study
  • Use the case study template and complete in one page.
  • You'll be allocated 25 minutes, with 15 minutes to present and 10 minutes to facilitate discussion (including seeking feedback from attendees) and answer questions.
  • See an example case study from the 2015 SaP Roundtable.
Partnerships practice paradox
Research abstract

Theme: Aspirations

The ambitions we aspire to achieve in the next decade, as partnership practices and research expand and evolve to more places and spaces globally. 

About the session

Join this multiple institutional group of students and staff from universities in the Global South and North as they challenge us to imagine where partnership practices and research could and should go by 2034. The session is 2 hours.

Time and registration

The 2 sessions are the same, and repeated to accommodate time zones. Participants in Europe and Africa are encouraged to check both sessions to determine which time suits them best.

Registrations for this session will open 1 August 2024.

Key dates

30 June 2024 Submissions close for Roundtable Session 2: Sharing practices. Submit a presentation

1 August 2024 Roundtable registrations open

9-17 September 2024 SaP Roundtable online sessions

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For questions about the Global SaP Roundtable, get in touch with the team.