About this Masterclass

This ITaLI Masterclass event was part of the ALASI 2017 Conference.

The analysis of data collected from user interactions with educational and information technology has attracted much attention as a promising approach for advancing our understanding of the learning process. After the early formation, the field has now entered the next phase of maturation with a growing community who has an evident impact on research, practice, policy, and decision-making. However, learning analytics needs to address emerging challenges to maximize its impact.

This talk will explore two critical challenges: validity of data collection and analysis and stakeholder interaction with results of analytics.

Join us to discuss promising directions for learning analytics to tackle the challenges by grounding its future work around three cornerstones – theory, design, and data science. The challenges and directions will be examined by building on the findings of several research studies and implementation cases from different parts of the world.


Dr Dragan Gasevic

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