Connect with peers for teaching support

UQ's great teachers are opening their classroom doors to allow fellow staff the opportunity to observe the innovative delivery practices.
Teachers invite colleagues into their classes to observe what their students are doing, then reflect and meet to discuss ways to enhance teaching and learning.
ITaLI eLearning Advisors and Learning Designers can offer individualised support across a range of teaching and learning activities.
A common place to share ideas in teaching and learning, and to network with peers.

Professional development events, courses and tools


Twice a year, a program of online and in-person activities designed to help you prepare course materials for the upcoming semester.
A range of hands-on workshops (in-person and online) covering eLearning tools training, pedagogical workshops, educational media production and entrepreneurial education.
Learn at your own pace with online courses offered by UQ Professional Learning. You can also access specialised podcasts.
Peer assessments are used with groupwork to encourage students to reflect on and critically evaluate their own and their team members learning and skill development.