Blog post – How are you creative in your teaching?

“Creativity is such an abstract concept and people use it to mean so many different things.” As a published creative writer, Associate Professor Kim Wilkins has spent a lot of time thinking about creativity. She focuses in on creative practice – to make the abstract actionable. 

In doing so, Kim challenges UQ teaching academics to name their creative teaching practices and recognise the necessary variation in what creative practice looks like across disciplines. At the intersection of creative practice is imagination, a powerful tool for innovation and inspiration in learning and teaching in higher education.  

Watch Kim discuss creativity as 'creative practice' in this 3-minute conversation with Associate Professor Kelly Matthews.


The 2019 UQ Teaching and Learning Week theme is ‘Creativity”. What are your creative practices in your discipline? How does imagination come into your teaching and assessment practices?

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Last updated:
25 September 2019