Part 2 of "Assessing Critical Thinking"

This two-part session explores the process of evaluating the critical thinking components of assessment tasks. The first part demonstrates cognitive auditing - the process of clarifying and refining the specific cognitive skill (e.g. analysing, interpreting) of a given task. The second part explores how the qualities of thinking (e.g. coherence, relevance, precision) can be measured, assessed, and used to provide feedback to students.

Who should attend

Chief Examiners, course coordinators, lecturers, tutors, learning designers

Benefits of attending
  • cognitive audits result in improved student experiences and outcomes and assessment alignment due to greater clarity in the assessment task about the specific cognitive skill being assessed.
  • utilising values of inquiry during the design process allows for more strategic targeting of student assessment and greater resilience to AI (depending on the task).
  • Chief Examiners may like to use the ideas presented when ensuring quality assurance in summative assessment.
Facilitated by

Dr Luke Zaphir, Learning Designer


Online via Zoom