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About this session

In 2018, UQ launched the largest and most comprehensive Students as Partners program in Australia, placing us among the leading universities in the world. The initiative seeks to empower students and staff to collaborate in partnership to design, deliver, and enhance the UQ student experience through student representation, and collaboration on curriculum and student engagement projects. 

Attend this Showcase to hear about current Student-Staff Partnerships, have a chance to pitch your ideas and acquire the knowledge you need to co-create with your students.


1300 – 1315: Introduction – Kelly Matthews, Setting the scene of SaP.

1315 – 1415: Lightning Talk presentations

  • Marissa Edwards, Annita Nugent and Stephanie Macmahon
  • Yen –Ying Lai, Jack Atkinson, William Thompson, Alice Chong and Nickolas Jolly
  • Victor Hasa, Madelaine-Marie Judd and Sarah Ritchie
  • Jackie Fuller, Alynna Wong and Inari Saltau
  • Victor Hasa and Charlotte Young
  • Nicholas Carah

1415 – 1430: Q&A session with all of the above presenters

1430 – 1500: Afternoon Tea

1500 – 1600: Group pitches

  • Have the chance to pitch your partnership idea - how do you think student partnerships could be incorporated within your course or everyday practice? 
  • Groups will choose one or more of the ‘project ideas’ and flesh out what it could look like.
  • Each group pitches one idea to the room.
  • The formal process for submitting project ideas through the SSP initiative will be outlined.


Lightning talk presentations

Marissa Edwards, Annita Nugent and Stephanie Macmahon

Multiple researchers have argued that postgraduate study can be a stressful experience and have called for greater attention to mental health issues in this context. Recent evidence suggests that only 50% of Ph.D. students who begin their studies will graduate, highlighting a substantial attrition rate in this population. During this presentation, we will discuss our work developing a series of workshops in partnership with current Ph.D. students, focused on how to manage stress and build resiliency.  In particular, we will highlight the importance of acknowledging students’ voices and their varied experiences on the Ph.D. journey.

Yen-Ying Lai, Jack Atkinson, William Thompson, Alice Chong and Nickolas Jolly

Co-creation, teaching consultancy, blended learning developing, and evaluation for second-year Written and Spoken Chinese courses: CHIN3020 SSP will present on how we used student voice to engage with student learning and teaching experience to put together a collection of resources to enhance language learning. With the goal of improving integration between courses and to engage students in their learning we collaborated to bring together new assessment items for our course, designed the framework for a flipped classroom to be implemented next year and created and implemented more engaging and flexible participation and feedback methods for students including online tutorial recording, Cirrus, and feedback focus groups.

Victor Hasa, Madelaine-Marie Judd and Jess Morgan

Student-Staff Partnerships at UQ: The university-wide implementation: This presentation will provide an overview of the UQ Student-Staff Partnerships Project initiative in which students and staff collaborate on projects seeking to enhance the student experience through curriculum redesign / renewal and initiatives seeking to develop a greater sense of belonging on campus. Perspectives from a student partner will also be shared on the process of partnership.

Inari Saltau, Alynna Wong and Jackie Fuller 

HASS Hussle: The HASS Student Futures team will present an engaging reflection on the student-staff partnership experience through a video created by past and present student partners. Current and past student partners and staff will reflect on their experience working on HASS projects such as the launch of a new Industry Mentoring program and HASS Crew events and activities.  While seeing our students and staff reflect on their experience of the partnership process you can find out what skills they have learnt and how those skills have helped to enhance their employability and contribute to a positive culture at the University of Queensland. You'll witness an authentic account of how being a student partner has impacted students in other their studies and personal/professional lives.

Victor Hasa and Charlotte Young

BIOM3200 (Biomedical Science) Redesign Student-Staff Partnership: BIOM3200 (Biomedical Science) is the capstone undergraduate Biomedical Science course at the University of Queensland. In this SSP, students who completed the course in previous years were involved in adding additional resources to the course, redesigning the assessment objectives, and constructing the course productively in collaboration with teaching staff. As a result, the students involved were able to gain tangible skills in project management, resource procurement and by additionally tutoring the course this year as well.

Nicholas Carah

Platforming with Partners: This talk will reflect on working with several groups of student partners in the design and creation of a ‘blended’ first year course. Partners, learning designers and academics worked together to create, write and produce video and audio material for a large first year course. I propose the concept of platforming with partners as a way of thinking about blended learning as the purposeful creation of an online participatory culture. Student partners play a crucial role in making student perspectives and voices a visible and audible part of the course and online platform. This model is engaging ways of thinking and talking about the idea in the course, and connecting together the ideas in the course with the doing of assessment.

Who should attend?

All UQ Teaching staff

Benefits of attending

  • Be inspired by examples of initiatives from across the institution
  • Learn how student partnerships could be incorporated into your course or within everyday practice.
  • Understand the formal process for submitting project ideas through the SSP initiative. 

About Teaching and Learning Week 2018

The 2018 UQ Teaching and Learning Week ran from Monday 29 October to Friday 2 November 2018, focusing on a range of innovative teaching practices including:

  • blended learning
  • enterprise and innovation and
  • Students as Partners.

The 2018 program (PDF,142KB) was designed to provide staff with opportunities to network and discuss teaching and learning in contemporary contexts, and how this impacts on the student experience and outcomes. The Awards Ceremony was held at Customs House, recognising and rewarding excellence in teaching, the provision of outstanding learning environments and support services to students.

Click on each of the 2018 T&L Week sessions to access video recordings and other resources (when available).

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