About Coordinating courses at UQ

Presented by Dr Hassan Khosravi

Coordinating a course combines a multitude of skills in teaching, leadership and research.

This workshop will assist you in fulfilling your responsibilities as a course coordinator. It includes input from seasoned course coordinators.

This workshop is aimed at experienced academics with some degree of responsibility for managing large teaching teams or large classes or core units in programs.

This workshop will enable participants to:

1. Become familiar with UQ policies and guidelines for effective course coordination 
2. Explore and discuss issues and influences related to course coordination 
3. Become familiar with strategies to manage teaching teams 
4. Consider ways of supporting course teachers in provision of feedback and consistency of 
    assessment judgements (moderation) 
5. Consider ways to manage curriculum integrity and quality.

As part of Professional Learning at UQ, ITaLI have developed additional resources to support our workshops. These resources are self-paced and have been designed to encourage participant learning, and provide opportunities for further development in the workshop topic.

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Learning Innovation Building (17), St Lucia campus