About UQ active learning tools

This course will introduce participants to the UQ Active Learn suite and the virtual wall PadletUQ.

UQ Active Learn suite is comprised of three applications: UQpoll, UQwordcloud, UQwordstream. These applications are used to collect student responses to a question or a series of questions posed during a lecture/tutorial. PadletUQ is an easily accessible virtual wall allowing users to share various multimedia resources online.

Participants will develop their understanding of the different ways the tools can be used to promote active learning in lectures and tutorials. Practical skills covered will include setting up the software and questions, contributing to questions as a student and then viewing student responses.

This course will enable participants to:

1. Understand how UQpoll, Wordcloud, Wordstream and PadletUQ can be used to support 
    teaching and learning
2. Use different questioning techniques
3. Set up UQpoll, Wordcloud, Wordstream and PadletUQ and view student responses.


Learning Innovation Building (17)