About Workshop: Transitioning teaching innovation into research publications

We take pride in our mathematical and statistical research and teaching. Many of us innovate and experiment through delivery of classes, curriculum design and development of assessment; but the connections with scholarship and the opportunities for educational research are less well understood.

The aim of this free workshop is for participants to gain insight into the fields of scholarship and research of learning and teaching within the mathematical and statistical sciences.

This free workshop will explore such questions as:

  • How can teaching innovations be transitioned into a research publication?
  • What are some expectations and accepted ways of working in mathematics and statistics education research?
  • What does appropriate research design look like?
  • Which methodologies are suitable for educational research?
  • How do I choose a journal or conference for my scholarly work?
  • What is different between educational research and discipline research in the mathematical and statistical sciences?

Via hands-on activities and feedback, participants will gain new perspectives into scholarship and academic publishing in educational research within the mathematical and statistical sciences, opening up new possibilities for their research portfolio.

We encourage participants to bring ideas, drafts and revisions of their work in learning and teaching within the mathematical and statistical sciences with them to the workshop.


Professor Diane Donovan
UQ & Vice-President (Learning and Teaching), Australian Mathematical Society

Professor Chris Tisdell
UNSW & UQ Institute for Teaching and Learning Innovation (ITaLI)

More information

Please email Chris Tisdell at cct@unsw.edu.au.



Learning Innovation Building (17), St Lucia campus