HERDSA Conference, University of Auckland, Auckland NZ, 25 July 2019

The theme for the conference is Next Generation, Higher Education: Challenges, Changes and Opportunities.

In the last decade, Higher Education has undergone dramatic changes with internationalisation bringing a broader range of students to tertiary institutions, while requiring researchers to focus on priorities set by government. The sector continues to grapple with restrained budgets, increased student numbers, greater student diversity and government agendas requiring preparation of students for work and lifelong learning. In addition, the research environment has become more complex with funding opportunities becoming more competitive but not as plentiful.

As we enter a new decade, there will be new challenges and changes along with opportunities for the next generation in Higher Education. Within this context we have identified areas and points of interest relevant to the conference theme as captured within our sub-themes. The points beneath these sub-themes are intended to help guide thinking and potential areas of interest for research. You are however, encouraged to interpret the themes as it best suits your own institutional or national context.

For more information about conference themes,  and activities, please visit their website: www.herdsa2019.auckland.ac.nz

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