Join us to hear guest presenter Dr Deanna Grant-Smith (QUT) discuss the equity implications of WIL.

Australian universities are under increasing pressure to support students to develop the graduate skills and knowledge required to transition from education into professional practice. Despite the wide-scale adoption of WIL as a learning pedagogy in higher education there has been limited exploration of student experiences of WIL through a wellbeing lens or an explicit focus on equity considerations.

She will examine the equity implications her WIL research reveals about participant experiences and the potential this research has to inform WIL policies and practices to support student wellbeing.

About Work Integrated Learning (WIL) Knowledge Network

The Work Integrated Learning (WIL) Knowledge Network is where academic and professional staff delivering or coordinating WIL courses, programs or activities meet.

The sessions are designed to raise awareness, share practice and provoke action to support greater understanding and quality of WIL at UQ.


Cate Clifford
Work Integrated Learning (WIL) Advisor, Learning Partnerships
Student Employability Centre


Global Change Institute (20), St Lucia campus