Most people, including medical students, are uncomfortable thinking about death and dying. Death Café is a worldwide movement that uses the Philosophy Café approach to co-create a safe space to talk about death and dying. For several years UQ Mind has worked with Sarah Winch to introduce Death Café (and its Queensland form 'Wine and Die') to encourage students to think and talk about death and gain experience in the café methodology. This Death Café invites participants from the broader Teaching and Learning Community to join us for death talk while experiencing café style teaching and learning.


Dr Sarah Winch, Faculty of Medicine

Who should attend?

  • All staff

Benefits of attending

Participants will gain insights into: 

  • how to conduct a Death Café
  • what is important to themselves when talking about death
  • concerns others have about death and dying from their perspective as future health workers or citizens
  • the universality of dying and concerns about dying
  • the importance and limits of life.

About Teaching and Learning Week 2019

The 2019 UQ Teaching & Learning Week ran from Monday 28 October to Friday 1 November 2019. The series of workshops, panels, and other interactive sessions highlighted our excellent teachers and tutors, initiatives, and T&L leaders around the theme of 'Creativity'. 

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