How is creativity defined by universities? As innovation? As entrepreneurship? As 'thinking outside of the square'? While it may mean all of these things, the UQ Art Museum thinks about creativity every day, and especially about what creativity means for teaching and learning at UQ. We work with thousands of students and staff to develop skills that are rooted in creative disciplines such as contemporary art. These skills include flexible and critical thinking, an ability to deal with ambiguity, adaptability, and heightened cultural awareness. During this session we will closely examine a work of contemporary art in the Art Museum. Following this, we will lead a guided session aimed to enhance visual thinking skills and critical questioning among participants in the group.


Dr Holly Arden, Associate Director, UQ Art Museum

Who should attend?

  • All staff

Benefits of attending 

  • Appreciate the value of critical questioning and visual thinking skills, elicited through the study of contemporary art.
  • Gain insights into how developing a sensibility for visual art can greatly enhance skills in diverse fields.
  • Develop confidence in looking at, and discussing, contemporary art.

About Teaching and Learning Week 2019

The 2019 UQ Teaching & Learning Week ran from Monday 28 October to Friday 1 November 2019. The series of workshops, panels, and other interactive sessions highlighted our excellent teachers and tutors, initiatives, and T&L leaders around the theme of 'Creativity'. 

View the 2019 program (PDF, 108KB) or watch available video recordings (for the sessions that were recorded).

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