Countries around the world are allocating billions of dollars to prepare for Artificial Intelligence — investing in research, enterprise and human capabilities. To meet this emerging reality, students, professionals and citizens need to learn how to interact with AI.

Empowering Learners for the Age of AI is a free, national online conference, mixing national keynote talks with local meetings in different states. We warmly welcome you to join this public conversation on how Australia can equip its citizens to engage productively with societal infrastructure powered by data, analytics and AI.

  • How can data, analytics and AI be used not to disempower or automate work, but to empower learners and professionals?
  • Go deeper on what we mean by “empowering learners” — who needs empowering, why, and to do what?
  • How must modern knowledge systems (such as schools, universities, corporate training and development, government agencies) change to prepare people for an AI society?
  • How to track and assess the qualities that equip people for this future?
  • Share the opportunities and concerns that you see: this is just the conversation starter!

Audience: The conference will be of interest to individuals with all levels of AI expertise, from beginner to advanced. World-leading researchers and experts will deliver keynotes addresses while discussion panels will explore implications in a range of sectors.

If your interests involve how data, analytics and AI will shape the future of learning, this open conference is for you.

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