About Introduction to entrepreneurial education (Workshop 1)

An entrepreneurial mindset is about transforming the way we think and act to create value in the world, whether as an engaged employee, inspiring leader, research pioneer, driver of social change or creator of the next ‘big thing’.

This first workshop in the series introduces the principles of entrepreneurial education, notions of value creation, and the implications for pedagogy and curriculum. 

This workshop will enable participants to:

  1. Develop an understanding of entrepreneurial education
  2. Develop an understanding of critical and creative thinking as essential for an entrepreneurial mindset
  3. Recognise opportunities for entrepreneurial learning within disciplines.

Who should attend

  • Open to all UQ academic and professional staff

Note: this workshop is the first in the series on entrepreneurial education and a prerequisite for ‘Designing entrepreneurial education into pedagogy and curriculum' (Workshop 2)


Global Change Institute Building (#20), St Lucia campus