About the session

This session explores ways of teaching with Zoom to engage students in active learning. Participants will become familiar with the use of Zoom functionalities such as chat, webcams, whiteboards and breakout rooms, used to create a collaborative virtual classroom environment.

This is a One simple step session focussed on small practical changes that academics can make in their course with impact.

The session will be delivered in-person.


eLearning Advisors

Who should attend?

This course is aimed at Course Coordinators, Tutors and course contributors.

Benefits of attending

By attending this session, you will be marked as having completed an Active Learning professional development workshop.

This session will enable participants to:

  1. Understand the benefits of a virtual classroom.
  2. Setup and manage a virtual classroom.
  3. Use chat, reactions, polling and breakout rooms.
  4. Share screens, applications and a virtual whiteboard.
  5. Schedule and record virtual classroom sessions.

About Ready to Teach Week Sem 2 2021

Ready to Teach Week is a bi-annual event, consisting of online and in-person activities designed to help you prepare course materials for the upcoming semester. Watch the recordings of the sessions online.


Learning Innovation Building (17), UQ St Lucia campus