About the session

Interested in learning how to teach your students key messages in 60 seconds? Motivated on how to use a type of social media which the younger generation call their own? Well, TikTok might just be an answer for engaging your students in new ways.

In this online session, participants will:    

  • be introduced to TikTok (what is it? Why use it?)
  • develop key teaching messages from your course suitable for TikTok
  • develop a theme for your own teaching TikToks
  • pick up some handy hints and tips on using the technology.

This session will be delivered online (via Zoom).


Dr Stuart Middleton s a social media star whose educational TikToks on strategic management regularly reach 500 views, putting him almost in the league of Jason Derulo, Billie Eilish, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Katy Perry :) You can find him on TikTok handle @stumid0.

About Ready to Teach Week Sem 2 2021

Ready to Teach Week is a bi-annual event, consisting of online and in-person activities designed to help you prepare course materials for the upcoming semester. Watch the recordings of the sessions online.


Online (via Zoom)