Join the CRADLE Seminar Series to hear from Associate Professor Rikke Toft Nørgård, Aarhus University, DK on Hyper-hybrid Learning Spaces.

Hyper-hybrid Learning Spaces: Higher education teaching and learning beyond HyFlex.

This presentation will give insight into a six-year development of a theory-grounded, pedagogy-focused, design-driven and practice-implemented approach to hyper-hybrid teaching and learning.

First, the presentation will introduce the theoretical background along with the concepts of ‘hybrid’, ‘hybridity’, ‘hybridization’ and ‘hyper-hybridity’, then the presentation will introduce a designerly approach to these concepts used to create a framework for developing hyper-hybrid higher education, and, finally, the presentation will showcase concrete practice of hyper-hybrid higher education – both on the macro-level (as a whole MA programme), on the meso-level (as a particular pedagogical approach), and on the micro-level (as designed concrete teaching and learning activities).


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