The rapid changes in availability and power of Generative AI have created opportunities and challenges for our assessment. This workshop will focus on a range of approaches for us to improve our assessment questions, communicate expectations, and support students in this challenging space.

This interactive session will contain:

  • a brief overview of how to design assessment that can measure critical thinking abilities (with cognitive verbs and values of inquiry)
  • an interactive evaluation of common types of questions to demonstrate how they could be enhanced to better assess thinking
  • exploration of ways to help students use Generative AI effectively and ethically in their assessment
  • the content of this workshop is not specific to Inspera, but a range of examples, question types and question variants shown will be in Inspera.

Supporting resources – research published by the UQ Critical Thinking Project

  • Pedagogical Schema
  • Critical Thinking Matrix
  • Values of Inquiry.


  • Dr Luke Zaphir and colleagues from the Digital Assessment team in ITALI
  • Dom McGrath, Teaching and Learning (T&L) Manager, ITaLI

Who should attend

  • Course Coordinators
  • Lecturers
  • Tutors
  • Teaching support staff

Benefits of attending

This session will:

  • demonstrate evaluating whether assessment offers students an opportunity to demonstrate critical thinking abilities
  • provide practical ideas for communicating and supporting students with effective and ethical ways to use Generative AI.

About Ready to Teach Week Sem 2 2023

Ready to Teach Week is a bi-annual event, consisting of online and in-person activities designed to help you prepare course materials for the upcoming semester.


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